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Reshape Your Life

health coach, reshaping lives with adaptogens from solle naturals

My story



          By nature, I am very outgoing. Since the time I was little, I wanted to reach out and care for others, and even more so after I became a mom. But things in our family were not as they appeared to be. While I was trying to protect my kids, I became a master at hiding my own feelings. I became programmed, convinced that my feelings and my needs didn't count. 

          The thing is, domestic abuse affects every cell in the body and mind. It strips away reason and hope. I became a victim, just trying to survive. My own needs were continually pressed down. Every part of me began to collapse. My body. My mind. My spirit. I lost my own identity. I became endometriosis, eating disorders, obesity, fibromyalgia.... depression...anxiety.... and PTSD. I wore my ailments like labels.

          But one day I realized, this is NOT who I am! I have got to find a way to get better! So, I began a new journey of searching, and learning, and eventually healing. I learned that I had to change the course of my life. I had to reshape my life. When I finally found Solle Naturals, I began to put into my body what it needed to balance itself, and then I found the old me!     

          That's when I really learned that our bodies and minds have an amazing ability to recover and heal. I also found out that we don't have to let others dictate our sense of well being! We can take charge of our own mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual health! 

          Now I am able to set a better example for my grand kids than I could for my own kids. Now I'm better able to help others. I am living a full and purposeful life, doing the things I love, and making a positive difference in the lives of others once again.  I am healthier in mind and body than I can ever remember being. I didn't just get my life back; I feel that I have finally found the life I was always looking for. Now I can have the energy,  focus, and stamina to do the things I've always wanted to do. I'm working, volunteering, enjoying my music and hiking, and spending quality time with my family.  

          We have the power to be the best version of ourselves, better than we ever thought possible!

          I really have reshaped my life! In my role as Health Consultant, I find great joy in helping others to reshape their own lives to find renewed purpose, joy, and well-being!